Hypnotherapy to lose weight

The Relaxed Eating Programme –

Hypnotherapy to lose weight - Hypnotherapy NorthamptonIt’s not a diet.

Using hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help you control weight, since we harness the power of your mind and reprogramme your eating habits, but most importantly, we change your relationship with food…forever!

This programme is the first of its kind. It provides nutritional hints and tips; small things that make big differences to your health, it taps into your own individual strengths and weaknesses to create a way of living, rather than a way of eating… where you eat to live, rather than live to eat.

Many of our clients tell us that they think about food all day; that the minute one meal has gone they’re planning and imagining the next. They are becoming obsessive about eating. Our programme deals with comfort eating by identifying and providing alternatives to food, when you’re not actually hungry and by making food something you enjoy rather than something to fit your life around.

Simple, easy and effective slimming, weight loss and weight control can be yours simply by picking up your phone and taking that important first step to helping yourself by calling June on: 01327 341 140 or send an email to: info@hypnotherapy-northampton.co.uk

The programme

* You’ll work out whether you are hungry…or are you thirsty, sad, mad or just bored.
* You’ll make food substitutions to improve your health without losing flavour
* You’ll understand the key elements of healthy eating…in a language you can understand
* You’ll discover how to change your emotional relationship with food and get off the binge/guilt cycle
* You’ll unlearn your childhood food rules, and…
* You’ll discover hints and tips that make change easy and fast

Relaxed Eating Programme Outline

The therapy is carried out over the course of 6 weeks (3 sessions, each two weeks apart.)
Session lengths vary from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the programme stage.

Appointments are available during the day and evenings, with a limited number of Saturday morning slots also available.

Only £70 per session for individual, one-to-one programmes.

Hypnosis is the perfect way to get what you want out of life; it doesn’t replace willpower, instead it gives your self-confidence and self-belief such a boost you find behaviour changes easy and fast and when you change your habits for long enough they tend to stick!

How quickly can I be seen?
We try to arrange appointments within a week however our diaries fill up quickly, so please give June a call as soon as possible on 01327 341140 so we can find a time convenient for you, or send her an email to: info@keithmarsden.com

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, we’re happy to provide consultations for two people together, although for reasons of confidentiality we will ask to see each of you individually for a few minutes during the first appointment.

Will it work ?
This “relaxed” eating pattern is proving so successful with clients. They’re enjoying it, because they’re fed up with dieting. This is a new and healthy way to approach and view food, and is proving to be an easy and comfortable way to deal with food that helps reduce weight, and control weight thereafter, and even enjoying food more. Contact June for a “free screening”.

Call June to arrange an initial consultation
Call 01327 341140 or 07759 003185
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