Free Initial Consultation

June offers a free introductory consultation, allowing you to discuss your problem confidentially and without obligation, and ask any questions you wish. On the information discussed, June will give you an honest opinion as to whether she believes she can help you, she will explain the therapy as well as hypnosis, and the choice of therapies. There is absolutely no pressure to make a decision at this consultation. You can think about it in your own time. June will not follow up and chase you. This is not because she is not interested in helping you resolve your issue, it’s because it needs to be your decision.

Suggestion Therapy

This is for simpler problems. (See itemised list with # )
Usually only one or two sessions needed, each up to 1.1/2 hrs.
Fee £70 per session

Smoking Cessation

Using a powerful combination of techniques, it’s just one session, approximately 2 hours. Price includes free initial consultation
Fee £ 180

Analytical Therapy

This is a totally individual therapy.
Number of sessions varies person to person, but could be 3/4 or 7/8.
Each session up to 1.5 hours
£65 per session

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Usually 5/6 sessions of 1.1/2 hours

Per session £75 which includes cost of tapes/CDs

Emotional Freedom Technique

Each session up to 1.1/2 hours
Per session £55

Note: All payments are one week in advance please
Cash or cheque only (sorry, June is not set up for “plastic”)

June is available for consultations:

• Weekdays – 8.30am until 9.45pm         –        Monday at Hardingstone 9.00am – 9.00pm

• Saturdays – 8.30am until 1.30pm

All sessions by appointment only
24 hours’ notice of cancellation must be given or full fee may be charged

Telephone June to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your issues – it’s free and June will give you her recommendations – without obligation.

Call 07759 003185

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