One in ten Britons ‘taking pills to get to sleep’



From questioning 40,000 families, which must have been pretty tiring in itself, it appears that one in eight people sleeps less than six hours a night.

Women are more likely to have problems getting to sleep within half an hour than men—24% compared to 18%.

But more men than women said that snoring or coughing disturbs their sleep—30% compared to 20%.

Thirty-three per cent of the most dissatisfied employees reported that they slept poorly, compared to just 18% of the most satisfied employees.

Those who were unemployed were over 40% more likely to have difficulty staying asleep than those in employment.

Not too difficult to take a guess at the reasons for those figures. The slant on the story in The Telegraph is more to do with taking medication to induce sleep. The people they quote point out that taking pills isn’t a long-term solution and doesn’t induce natural sleep and the attendant health risks in not sleeping enough.

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The above with respect and thanks to Hypnotherapist Jack Raymond.

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