Laughter as medicine?

Laughter as medicine?

I can summarise six articles for you: leg ulcers yes, hospital pain in children yes, blood vessels yes, weight loss yes, asthma no and yes, heart disease possibly, ankylosing spondylitis or maybe reactive arthritis possibly.

Let’s start with asthma. Apparently over half of asthma sufferers in one study report that their asthma is triggered by laughter, but when the asthma is ‘well-controlled’, they can laugh for longer without getting asthma symptoms. I would call that one a draw.


‘Nobody knows how laughter brings on asthma, but it might involve hyperventilating, say the New YorkUniversity authors.’ Here’s a wild guess: laughter has a spasmodic effect on the chest and diaphragm. Can I have a professorship now, please.

Blood vessels next. Lie down, watch 15 minutes of a funny film or a stress-inducing film, laughter increases blood flow in the brachial artery in your arm by about 22%, stress slows it by about 35%. Now this is interesting, because the bloodstream is a magic sea of nutrients and information and transport.

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The above with respect and thanks to Hypnotherapist Jack Raymond. 

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