Hypnotherapy isn' what you see on the tele

This lovely relaxing tree at Monterray, just watching in reality, moving gently in the breeze,would send you into a lovely relaxing hypnosis

It is said, ‘no advertising is bad advertising’. I do wonder, particularly when I’m speaking with potential clients who say, ‘Oh I just can’t go along with that hypnosis stuff, I’ve seen it on the television.’

Just how do I convince them that what we do in hypnotherapy is nothing like what they’ve seen on the television. How do I convince them that those people taking part on the TV know exactly what they’re doing, they have a choice. How do I convince people that no one can be made to do anything they don’t want to do – even on the TV.

I always ask them if volunteers were requested, would they go up. They usually so ‘No’. I agree, neither would I and I know they can’t make me do something I don’t want to. So what does that say about those who do – they are up for it.  People are always surprised when I tell them that they go in and out of hypnosis at least twice a day – as they are awakening and as they go to sleep. It’s just that nice stage between half sleep and half wake.  All people can go into this nice state, except the inebriated or intoxicated.

Five rules with hypnosis:

1) You do not ‘go under’ anywhere when hypnotised.

2) Hypnosis is not sleep.

3) The mind may wander during hypnosis, no problem.

4) You don’t need to be relaxed to go into hypnosis. We endeavour to do it that way because it feels nice;  it’s pure commercialism.

5) Most important of all, no one can take the conscious mind away without drugs, and we certainly do not use drugs, so the conscious mind is always there.
Just imagine, if we could take control of people’s minds, our prisons would be empty and our schools well behaved!

Hypnosis is however a good state to use in therapy for getting to that stuff that’s been stacked away in the subconscious; we know about it, but just not consciously.

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