How top anaesthetist’s ‘fraudulent’ claims have put millions of NHS patients at risk


The influential German anaesthetist Joachim Boldt, who possessed a glowing international reputation for his work, is accused of forging various studies which encouraged the use of colloids. Colloids, used to increase blood volume, were thought, based on other studies, to be more dangerous than the alternative, crystalloids, and are certainly vastly more expensive. Boldt received funding from manufacturers of one of the colloids.

I am quoting The Daily Mail version of this for a reason. Amusingly, there are three references in it to quotes given to The Daily Telegraph, so presumably The Mail came to it rather late, although they do have nicer pictures. Which is not difficult since The Telegraph doesn’t have any pictures at all. Strangely, The Mail has a quote given to The Telegraph which doesn’t even appear in The Telegraph’s own article, namely:

Association [of Surgeons] president Prof John MacFie told the Daily Telegraph: ‘We have withdrawn the guidelines from our website and we will need to rewrite the article…He drew links with the scandal of Andrew Wakefield who was struck off last year for falsely claiming he had proved that the MMR vaccine and autism were linked. He added: ‘What Wakefield did had terrible implications on children’s lives, and the principle of this is the same.’

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The above with respect and thanks to Hypnotherapist Jack Raymond. 

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