Half of all German doctors prescribe placebos, new study shows


This was a study for the German Medical Association, which showed that half of all German doctors, and up to 88% in Bavaria, have prescribed placebos.

‘The report says placebos…can prove highly effective in various treatments.’

Christoph Fuchs, the managing director of the BÄK (German Medical Association), says that “Placebos have a stronger impact and are more complex than we realised. They are hugely important in medicine today”.

“Placebos can maximise the effect of medication,” says Robert Jütte, author of the study and a BÄK board member.

“They can reduce undesirable side-effects and are a more efficient usage of our healthcare budget.”

He quoted recent research showing that placebos had proved helpful in 59% of cases of upset stomach, and that they’re as effective as antidepressants in about a third of cases. The study also says that placebos are more effective if the patient feels that the doctor understands their concerns and takes them seriously. Laid against this are the ethical dilemmas of prescribing placebos, and so the BÄK are seeking international guidelines.

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The above with respect and thanks to Hypnotherapist Jack Raymond. 

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