Fertility treatment success is not prevented by stress


Meta-analysis from CardiffUniversity reported in the BMJ (British Medical Journal). I can’t that say I’m generally exhilarated by meta-analyses, in this case they looked at 14 previous studies and did all the number crunching to conclude that ‘stress had no impact on whether a woman became pregnant or not, with women who were stressed becoming pregnant at the same rates as those who did not’.

The first line of the article says that ‘The report…aims to dispel the myth that stress prevents women from becoming pregnant.’ Actually it doesn’t, it merely claims that stress preventing women from becoming pregnant is a myth. Since I can think of at least two examples from my practice in the last year where death of a family member or pet made the woman anovulatory (having no periods) or not far off, I beg to differ. What the report actually shows is that women who complete a cycle of IVF or other ‘assisted reproduction techniques’ and are more stressed than the others in the same group are equally (un)likely to become pregnant.

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