Cannabis link to increased risk of psychosis


A study published in the BMJ for over 1900 people aged 14-24 at the start of the study, followed up three and eight years later.

‘Sir Robin Murray, professor of psychiatric research at the Institute of Psychiatry, said: “This study adds incremental information to the already fairly solid evidence that continued use of cannabis increases risk of psychotic symptoms and psychotic illness. “The study is one of 10 prospective studies all pointing in this same direction.” ‘

I’m not going into the details of the study, but there are two points of interest arising. Firstly, this certainly fits in with my experience as a hypnotherapist. Among the people who come to me with anxiety and phobias, for example, a fair number have used drugs extensively in the past, or else had a bad experience with them. Quite often, though not always, it takes longer working with them to dissolve the emotions than with people without the drugs background.

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The above with respect and thanks to Hypnotherapist Jack Raymond.

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