Alternative remedies ‘dangerous’ for kids says report


‘Alternative remedies can be dangerous for children and even prove fatal if taken instead of conventional drugs, according to a new study…in nearly two thirds of the cases the side effects were rated as severe, life threatening or fatal’.

Before you faint in alarm, let’s look at this a little more closely.

‘The study, published in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, looked at 39 separate incidents reported to the Australian Paediatric Surveillance Unit between 2001 and 2003.’

Already my shock is starting to subside. The BBC are reporting on 39 cases of what is effectively negligence to children, with tragic results, which took place over a two year period in Australia nearly 10 years ago, published in a journal which I didn’t know existed, and you probably didn’t either, though no doubt it does good work.

So do BBC health correspondents routinely spend their time combing niche Australian medical journals for any nugget of information which may be useful to the British public? Or is it more likely that someone else trying to push a point of view has done it for them?

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The above with respect and thanks to Hypnotherapist Jack Raymond.

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